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Solutions for All of Your Computer-Related Needs

What We Offer

   At, we offer a variety of premier services to individuals in Memphis Mississippi & select areas in Tennessee and Remotely too. Whether you need an updated monitor or a new computer, or a new printer, TV Setup, Networking, helping with your iPhone, or your regular phone. So, you can count on us to fulfill your needs. 


      Diagnose Slow-Running Computers

  First, we will see how old the computer is. Then, we will see if we can fix the old computer. If not, get a new one. If the computer is too old, we can set up a new PC or Mac.

Set Up a New Computer

  We will show you how to set up a new computer and make a recovery disc for backup.

Operating System

Upgrade System

We will first see what OS the client has and check if they need an upgrade or not.

Check Performance

On a Windows 12 OS, we will go to the start menu, right-click on the computer, and then go to properties. It will tell us everything we need to know about the unit.

Clean Up Temp Files

We will show the client where they can go to clean up temporary files.

File Transfers

Computer to Media

We will recommend a flash drive or SSD Drive, ScanDisk SSD is what I recommend as one way to transfer files or if u got a Mac u can AirDrop files to the computer. An external hard drive like western Digital is what I love and have been using for 22 years. I got a 18TB Western I use for the Computer and a 14TB for my Xbox Gears of war Xbox. 

Network Hardware

Install Router/Router/Switch/Wireless Devices 

For the home user, we would recommend Linksys Routers. Because Cisco has a new system for the home user called "SimpleTap," it makes it easy for the home user to set up their device. Additionally, Cisco categorizes your house into Groups A through D. Our owner’s house is categorized under Group D (as seen in the bottom picture). If you have a small house, you would go to Group A.

Others services cover:

  • Running Wiring Where High Performance Is Needed
  • Upgrading the Client’s Wireless Systems
  • Showing How to Hard-Wire Network Printers

Network Software (Including Anti-Virus)

Install Monitoring/Protective Systems

We will suggest a good anti-virus to our clients then install it. Trend Micro is what we would highly recommend.


Install New Applications or Remove Old Ones

For Microsoft Office, we only know Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. In Excel, we only know the basic applications. I do not know all the banking and financial side of it. That is a 3-month class you would have to take to learn Excel that way.

Microsoft Office does not require the use of CDs anymore. You download the install package to your computer. If you have a bad router and it doesn't have the right protocols, then it will not work. You have to buy the Cisco N900. If you have a bad router, it will take a 1 day to complete. With the Cisco N900, it only takes 30 seconds. The rest of the setup will stream to your computer.

We can show how to use your primary applications, devise a method to send information from one application to another, and set up gaming systems (XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo consoles, etc.). For gaming, we can teach how to back up the cloud on the XBOX 360 and show you that you can take your XBOX profile anywhere. It is so cool!


We can also teach you how to use your iPhone and iPad and how to back up your data using your cloud.

Data Backup or Storage Management 

                • Reduce On-Machine Storage by Selective Backup by Topic or Date
                • Recommend the Person Gets an External HD for Backup Files
                • Show the Client How to Back Up to the Cloud If the Client Has a Mac.
                • The Windows 12 OS is great for the home user 
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