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IOS 17 

For the new IOS 17 the phone Facetime and messages are getting a huge update. Let talk about Phone. 

One of the new features for phone is contact Posters. You can customize the poster to that best friend or your special someone and your contact card is the same as your contract poster. The next new feature for the phone is Live Voicemail.

With live Voicemail text will appear when they leave a message for u and then u can choose to pick it up or not. Next, is Facetime.

Now, if a person is not picking up you can leave a video message Yes Finally Apple!!! 

One of the new feature for messages is Search filter so u can narrow the the thing u are searching for. Next, is a feature called catch up at the top right of the phone so u can jump to the first message u have not seen. Now, u can replay inline to a message by swiping right also if u get an audio recording u can translated into words. 

inline location lets u keep track of friend location inside the convention. Check-in is another new feature coming to IOS 17. Check-in lets that person u know u made it home safely and if u didn't make it that person will get a alert on they phone with the battery, location, Cellular Service. In IOS 17 there is a new way to get to your i message apps it was above your keyboard but now it is hidden on the left in the + signal and it will have the things to send the most and u swipe up u will see all the imessage apps too. 

Stickers have been redone for IOS 17 so with your pics u can turn them into stickers, also live photos can also turn into animated stickers Next is AirDrop!!

In the past you had to hand your phone to them but now namedrop is here. All you do is hold the phones close and the contact poster will come up and u hit share. You can Namedrop with an Apple watch. If u want to share pics just bring the phones close simple. 

You can check on a score to a game or see when the food is coming. 

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