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One of the new features to get organized is Stage manager. Stage manager puts the window u are working on front & center then the other windows off the side. Then u can group windows together if u are working on a project. 

Mail got some updates

So u cancel an email

When the email to be delivered 

To follow up is the person has not emailed back

to come back to the email

Safari is getting some updates One of the updates is called:

The button to start share with your group. 

Next Generation is password Security. 

To create a passkey use touch ID or Face ID to authentic the password and a unique key is created so no one knows the code & it is only used for that site. Passkeys can't be phished or leaked because it is stored on the device, not a server.  And if u are on a Microsoft device u can use your iPhone to sign to that site.

Resident Evil is coming to the Mac later this year. 

Next, let's talk about what is new with Handoff & facetime is coming to Handoff. So, this means if u are away from your desktop with your iPhone & u can close to the mac or iPad it will pick it up on the computer or tablet and u can transfer the call to the computer so cool. Continuity Camera is the next big thing in camera tech.

This new tech works wirelessly with your Mac. So when u put the stand on your iPhone and bring up facetime it does so automatically. One of the new features of the facetime call is studio light it brights your face and dims the background lights. Another cool feature is desk view. With desk view, it uses your ultra-wide lens on your camera to make this happen. You can see the person's stuff on the desk. Continuity Camera works with these other apps. 

Apple is working with Belkin to bring these stands later in the fall time. 

New Stands 

New Stands 

2022 Universal Control Mac to iPad. 

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