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Apple Watch Ultra 

Starts $799

The new Apple Watch Ultra has an always-on retina display with an all new 49mm case size for bigger & brighter display. This watch has 2,000 nits of brightness under the hood & is certified with IP6X dust resistant and tested to MIL-STD 810H. This watch has a 36 hour battery to late all day & later this fall there is a new app for the watch that that will let the watch get up to 60hrs of battery life. We got new watch face. Apple has created a new watch face for the watch it's called way finder & it has a compass that u can customize for elevate height on a mountain or the ocean or whatever but if u are in the dark spot has night mode just turn the crown and it turns red. On the other slide is an action button picture is below. Also, you got a Blood oxygen app & the EGC app too. Got to check the heart out so this watch has a high & low heart rate Notification & if your heart is not beating right the watch has gotten an irregular rhythm notification too. If u want to be like Forrest Gump it has a Cardio fitness tracker & notifications on the watch. And all my dives it has a temperature sensing on the watch too. Now we all fall when we are active sometimes so Apple watch Ultra has gotten your back with Fall detection or if u are on a bike Crash detection the watch can call Emergency SOS or an international emergency calling so u can call for help. And one of the new feature is a 86-decimal siren to attract attention. Now lets talk bands. We got 3 different bands for every type of person. First u got the Alpine Loop this band is for hikes or anything outdoors it has a G-hook  so it will not fall off. Pictures are below. The next band is the Trail loop this band is for the endurance athletes people and it is  light, stretchy, & thinnest band yet. Convenient pull tab for making quick adjustments on the go. Pictures are below.  The last new band is ocean band this band is for extreme water sports & recreational diving. The tubular design allows it to flex and stretch, and u got a  wetsuit no problem. The case is a titanium buckle with adjustable loop provides a secure fit. picturs are below. Now GPS comes into play now because if u are running around tall builds or in a rural area or the ocean GPS is there for u. So u don't lose signal Apple has created a new signal called L5 GPS. So u got L1+L5 for your GPS tracking. Another way to get help is to press the action button to send a 86-decibel Siren to attract attention  so people can come find u. Now, for all the scuba divers we double the meters to dive deep to water resistant 100. For recreational dives u can go 40m when diving.  When u start diving the watch launches a new deep app that shows the depth, your water time & water temperature. And for all the scuba divers it has been certified to EN13319 standard for dive computers and gauges. Below are all the Different bands. 

The orange button is the action Button

  • 49mm case

  • Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display, up to 2000 nits

  • Flat sapphire crystal display

  • GPS + Cellular model

  • S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor; W3 wireless chip; U1 chip (Ultra Wideband)

  • Digital Crown with haptic feedback; side button; Action button; Siri

  • Temperature sensor; blood oxygen sensor; electrical heart sensor and 3rd-generation optical heart sensor; depth gauge; water temperature sensor

  • High and low heart rate notifications, irregular rhythm notification, and ECG 

  • International emergency calling, Emergency SOS, Crash Detection, and Fall Detection; Siren

  • Water resistant 100 meters

  • Recreational dive to 40 meters

  • EN13319

  • Dust resistant (IP6X)

  • LTE and UMTS, Wi-Fi 4 (80211n), and Bluetooth 5.3

  • GPS/GNSS, compass, and always-on altimeter

  • Dual speakers and three-mic array with beamforming

  • 32GB capacity

  • Fast charge time

49mm Case Size 

Alpine Loop is the first Band

Titanium Case with Green Alpine Loop

GPS + Connectivity 

More Colors on the website 

Titanium Case with Orange Alpine Loop

GPS + Connectivity 

More Colors on the website

Titanium Case with Starlight Alpine Loop

GPS + Connectivity 

More colors on the website 

Trail Loop

Titanium Case with Blue/Gray Trail Loop

GPS + Connectivity

More Colors on the Website 

Titanium Case with Black/Gray Trail Loop

GPS + Connectivity

More Colors on the Website

Titanium Case with Yellow/Beige Trail Loop

GPS + Connectivity 

More Colors on the website 

Ocean Band

Titanium Case with Midnight Ocean Band

GPS + Connectivity

Titanium Case with White Ocean Band

GPS + Connectivity

Titanium Case with Yellow Ocean Band

GPS + Connectivity

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