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2021 iMac 

Side view of the iMac 

The all-new magnetic power connector clicks on.

The power supply has a built-in ethernet port so your workspace is least busy. 

You can choose between 3 types of keyboards. 

You can switch user accounts with the Touch ID. 

U also have one keyboard with Num lock on it. 

Mouse for the iMac 


         The new iMac Apple narrows the border so it has a 24-inch display & 11.3 million pixels & 4480 x 2520. It has a 4.5K Retina Display with 500nits of brightness with true tone in the display. Now, about the camera first time, it has a 1080p front-facing camera. The new 6 piece speakers system can cancel out the background noise & focus on your voice. The speaker system comes with Dolby Atmos. Multitasking is even better you can play games and do a zoom at the same time. The CPU is 85% faster & the graphics are 2x faster & machine learning is 3x faster. With a universal clipboard, u can copy some text and paste it into your document. 

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