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You can do Personal Engravings 

What is NEW with Airpods?

     We can an all-new design with water & sweat resistant & improved facetime calling too. Also with an adaptive Equalizer, u can hear how the song is meant to be heard & with a new custom driver for 360 surround sound u have Spatial audio so u hear everything. Next, u can charge your Airpods wirless with your MagSafe connector & it pairs in seconds to all your devices with a one-touch setup. Next, is battery life gone better with 6hrs of listening time & if u are in a rush 5mins gets u 1hr of listening time. And if u charge it in the case u can get 30hr of listening time. Next, is announcing notification for Airpods with Siri. Siri can read your notification to u like when your food has been delivered or it can read your grocery list to u. Next, is if u have lost your Airpods and u can be connected to your Wi-fi u can search your network for your pods. 

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