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Some Keyboard Shortcuts I use and other people use when they get on a PC Computer!!!!!

Tab Button to move over 5 spaces

Shift + The Left or Right Up or Down arrows will highlight the select Text

Ctrl + ALT + Delete = the Task Manger

Ctrl + Q = Quits the Document or window you are in

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + X = Cut

Ctrl + V = Paste

Ctrl + Z = Undo

Ctrl + B = Bold

Ctrl + U = Underline

Ctrl + I = Italic

Ctrl + W = Close window

Ctrl + P = Print

Ctrl + F = Find words in your document that you are looking for.

Ctrl + M = moves the Margin 5 spaces too.

Ctrl + N = New Word Document

Ctrl + A = Select the whole document

Ctrl + S = Save & if you have not save use the same Ctrl + S

Ctrl + D = Brings the Font list up

Ctrl + G = Brings up the GOTO Section or Word

Ctrl + H = Brings up the Replace the Word or Section

Ctrl + J = Justify the Document

Ctrl + K = Brings up a Insert Hyperlink Box

Ctrl + E = Centers the Document

Internet Explorer Shortcuts

Ctrl + R = Update the current Web Page

Ctrl + B = Opens your bookmark Folder

Ctrl + E = Opens your search bar

Ctrl + F = when you are on a website you are hit Ctrl + F to find stuff

Ctrl + H = Your History on the Net.

Ctrl + I = Also open to your bookmarks or your Favorites

Ctrl + N = New Browser

Some Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows button Display or hides the Start Menu

Windows button + D = Display the Desktop

Windows button + M = Minimize all of the windows

Windows button + Shift + M = Restore the minimized windows

Windows button + E = Opens My computers

Windows button + F = Searches files or a folder

Windows button + F1 = Display Windows Help

Windows button + R = Opens the Run Dialog Box

ALT + TAB Switches Between Windows

Select the item then press Shift + Delete to Delete the item

If you wanted to copy an item HOLD down the CTRL Button while Dragging the item

If you want to rename an item select the item then hit F2

If you select an item then hit the ALT + Enter Keys it will display the properties

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