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Catalina Compatibility Computer List 

October 7, 2019 Relase Date

Three Main things Apple is going to focus on. Music, TV, Podcasts. 

and now on recent Macs there will be 4K HDR & HDR 10+

    And on recent Mac you can hear dolby Atmos

New thing Called SideBar 

Here are the apps compatible with Sidebar

So now what I working on my Mac I can drag it over to my iPad and start work again. 

On the New Voice Control there are some of the features 

Next accessible

Voice control can be a very power tool for people with disablely now with the New IOS 13 coming this fall u will able to control your Mac by your voice. And this will be on the iPhone too. Here is the link to the video.

Find My combines find my phone with find my friends 

U can find apple devices that are offline, and what it does it sends a echo or bluetooth sign to nearby phones. Then send the sign back up to the network for u to find your computer. 

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