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2022 & IOS 16 for iPad

All these features we talking about for IOS & MacOS and so it is also coming to iPadOS. Weather is coming to iPadOS so u can get the best views on a bigger screen. Next, let's talk about Collaboration? With collaboration, it will be easier to work will your other team member over a project. 

So the thing is how u would like to share the project. Share it with everyone or a specific group. Next, if u got a group going on a text message u can click it, and everyone gets added automatically.  

So, with collaboration, u can start a facetime call and ask if others have ideas. If others have ideas like in safari u can accept the invite to view the changes he or she made. And the other people can join the tab group too so everyone can see what is going on. All these will work with Collaboration. With the new Free forum board, your team can brainstorm new ideas to better your project.  This new way of sharing ideas is coming in the fall time. Free forum is being built into IOS, macOS, & iPadOS. 

Some new features in Files 

For the first time ever on iPadOS is Customize toolbars. 

This new feature will be on IOS 16 in the fall and will allow you to expand the memory to all the apps & delivers up to 16GBs of memory to the most demanding apps. 

This is also coming to iPadOS

Universal Controllers from Mac to iPad 2022

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